Where do you see yourself? In six months? In five years? At Rutgers University–Camden, you’ll find everything you need to focus your ambitions and reach your goals. You’ll belong from the beginning on our intentionally personal campus, and get the best of both worlds—a tight-knit community where you’ll learn, and a thrilling, energetic city where you’ll grow.

You’ve worked hard to get here. We know how to prepare you for what’s ahead.

Rutgers University–Camden is one of three universities within the Rutgers system. The others are:

Rutgers University–Newark
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New York City
New Brunswick

We have waived the SAT/ACT requirements for high school seniors applying for Fall 2022 admission due to test cancellations in light of COVID-19. We are still accepting applications.


Visit our campus (virtually)!

We offer opportunties to explore our campus online almost everyday! During these sessions, you'll be able to meet with an Admissions counselor to have all of your questions answered, talk with some of our current students, and take a virtual tour of our beatiful campus.

Save Up to 100 Percent on Your Tuition

The Bridging the Gap program dramatically reduces tuition for eligible first-year students and transfer students from Camden County College. We’ll “bridge the gap” between financial aid and remaining costs—up to 100 percent of the difference.


Looking for the next step in your career? The Rutgers name on your résumé opens doors. Explore our master’s, professional, and doctoral degree programs in the sciences, humanities, arts, law, business, nursing, and social work.

Innovative Learning

Exceptional, eager minds are in close proximity—it’s the ideal environment to produce results that really matter. We’ll help bring your future into focus through a customized learning experience in and out of the classroom. Choose from more than 75 undergraduate majors, minors, and specialized programs.

Female student in lab

Engage in research and hands-on learning as an undergraduate

Male faculty teaching in classroom

Student-to-faculty ratio

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Michelle Obasi

The Value of a Rutgers–Camden Degree

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How’s that for a great value?

R-Camden on athletic field



Best Bang for the Buck University in the North

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Earl Chavez


The best of both worlds: a tight-knit community where you’ll learn, and a thrilling, energetic city where you’ll grow. You’ll expand your worldview while making the most of your talents through endless ways to get involved. And with our location in the heart of a major metropolitan area, you’ll be within minutes of endless opportunities.

Rutgers Day
When I transferred here, I said ‘My goal is to have the ultimate college experience and be involved.’ I am making the most of my experience.
Saidie Lopez

Find yourself at Rutgers–Camden